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PT. Pinus Merah Abadi is a fast national company which is engaged and has capability in the area of sales & distribusi management with nation wide network, covering either traditional and modern channel. PT. Pinus Merah Abadi has a number of branches to serve directly a hundred thousands registered outlets all around Indonesia.

To levarage our business, PT. Pinus Merah Abadi built partnerhip with some respective local distributor to spread our product from Sabang to Marauke island. Despite, our company keep continuously expanding market by opening many branches in getting closer
ourselve to customer.

PT. Pinus Merah Abadi has been transforming as a grown up distribution company by focusing on developing of Human Resources, Distribution System, Inventory, and Good Government Practice.

Therefore, during a certain period, PMA obtains great achievement in sales growth, fast spreading distribution.


Being a good quality of food and beverage company through out a wide and established distribution network and get respect from customers.
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Consistenly innovate to achieve customer's satisfaction and implement good governement practice, and keep maintain effectiveness & efficiency with competent human resources


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Transportation is the forefront of distribution company. The capability in delivering qualitative and nutritious product by orders to outlets of each areas evenly and fast has always been commitment we execute. To overcome distance problem and accessibility barrier is also part of our responsibility. From cities to remotes countries, Main Street to small alleys. All of our couriers have delivery and reach capacity suited with characteristic and condition of each destination areas. We provide small cargo to big cargo.


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Until now Pinus Merah Abadi has self maintenance distribution point and of Pinus Merah Abadi sub distributor. In order to enlarge our service to all over the country promptly and evenly, in continuity and incessancy, we broaden working area of current branches as well as the new established branches along with new partners to meet the demands of regions with future potential market.

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To realize the vision of "Becoming Distribution Company Food and Beverages qualified through a network of broad distribution and sturdiness in the domestic market, as well as gaining respect from all customers", PT PINUS MERAH ABADI realize and fully understand that quality aspects are important in the entire operation company.

For the PT PINUS MERAH ABADI committed to achieving the highest standards in the management of the quality management system and continually make improvements sustainable manner :

Implementing a Quality Management System according Quality Management Standard ISO 9000: 2015 processes and business activities.

Improving the quality of products or services to meet the needs and satisfaction palanggan continuously.

Comply with all laws and regulations and other requirements related to quality.

Conducting continual improvement of the Quality Management System performance in all units of the organization's work.

Improving the quality of human resources continuously so as to achieve a level of competence and professionalism in accordance with business demands.

Maintain and communicate this Quality Policy To all employees and external parties who need.

The policy is to be understood by the management and all employees and made reference to the execution of all operations at the company. This policy will be evaluated on a periodic basis in order to always be in accord with the vision and mission of the company.