PT Kaldu Sari Nabati is a manufacturer of various snacks. A number of well-known brand that have a good appreciate in public are Richeese and Richoco. We do have the standards of ISO and GMP on our production process. Thats make our product is one of the best in quality and have been chosen by common public all around Indonesia.


PT Kaldu Sari Nabati Indonesia


Outlet is a keychain of network distribution. Beginning from big mart to traditional mart are essential partners that connect quality product of Pinus Merah Abadi Principal with national wide society. The outlet category that has become the target distribution of PMA: Hypermarket, Modern Market, Mini Market, traditional market and more. Continuously and sustainably Pinus Merah Abadi has increased current partnership and is developing new potential partnership and is developing new potential partnership in the future, with the goal of evenly delivering all excellent product benefit of Pinus Merah Abadi throughout national mass society.